is it bad to blow in a baby’s face



Is it bad to blow in a baby’s face?

It is a common practice to blow gently onto a baby’s face to get a reaction. It is funny to see the baby grin, close their eyes and squirm but there is debate as to if it is actually a bad thing to do. Some experts are saying it is not always a bad idea, however, there needs to be some consideration when following this practice.

The Pros


    • It can Strengthen Muscle Tone: Studies done by early childhood development specialists showed that gentle blowing on a baby’s face can help to strengthen the muscles used for facial expression. This is beneficial for a baby as it helps to develop their strength, balance and coordination skills naturally.


    • It can Stimulate: Blowing on a baby’s face will help to stimulate them and draw their attention. This can be especially beneficial if the baby is cranky or uninterested and needs to be engaged with.


  • It is Fun: When done in moderation and with a light touch it can actually be quite enjoyable for both the parent and the baby. This reinforces the love and bond they have formed.

The Cons


    • Exposure to Germs: When you blow onto a baby’s face you can expose them to any germs on your saliva which can be detrimental for their health. This is especially true with young babies who have a developing immune system.


    • Too Intense: Even though you might not intend to be too aggressive, the force from blowing on their face can be too strong for their sensitive skin. This may cause discomfort and distress for them.


  • Unhealthy Dependency: Babies who form an unhealthy dependency on being blown on to soothe them, often want it done when it is not appropriate. This could be when a baby becomes very fatigued or cranky and it might not be best for them.

Overall, it is not necessarily a bad thing to blow on a baby’s face, although it should only be done in moderation and it is important to be aware of any possible risks. Parents can also consider other alternative ways to engage a baby, such as singing and cuddles, and when done appropriately it is a fun and effective way to capture and keep their attention.