is it normal for babies bones to pop


Can Popping Babies Bones Be Normal?

Mums and Dads are usually alarmed when they hear their babies bones popping or cracking. Do not be too worried as this is in fact quite common.

What Is Popping Babies Bones?

Popping babies bones occurs when a joint is moved in a specific way and the bones rub together. This action causes a popping sound and can sometimes be seen or felt. As the bones of babies are still softer and more movable, it is more likely for this to happen than in adults.

What Age Does It Occur?

Popping babies bones is most common in babies under the age of 2 as this is when the bones are still developing and are more easily movable. It can continue to occur through to adulthood.

Should I Seek Medical Advice?

It is not usually necessary to seek medical advice unless accompanied by pain, bruising, swelling, fever or any other signs of distress. Always consult a professional if in doubt.


It is completely normal for the bones to pop as the baby grows and their joints become more flexible. Common cause of popping babies bones include:

  • Movement – the baby flexing their joints or moving around can cause the bones to pop.
  • Development – as the bones grow, they become harder and more likely to pop.
  • Exercise – doing exercises such as swimming and yoga can also cause the bones to pop as they become more flexible.


It is normal for babies bones to be popping as they grow. However, if you are concerned, seek advice from a medical professional.