is metal gear survive canon


Is Metal Gear Survive Canon?

Metal Gear Survive has been causing a stir in the gaming community since it came onto the scene in 2018. Although it has been released to generally favourable reviews, some fans have been quick to question whether it is part of the official Metal Gear canon or not. So, is Metal Gear Survive canon or not?

What is the Metal Gear Canon?

The Metal Gear canon is the official timeline and continuity of the Metal Gear games. It starts with the first installment of the game released in 1987 and has been evolving ever since. This timeline is determined by the games released by Hideo Kojima, the series creator. Any games produced without his involvement are not typically regarded as part of the Metal Gear canon.

Is Metal Gear Survive Canon?

The short answer is yes, Metal Gear Survive is part of the official Metal Gear canon. This is due to the fact that it was developed by Konami, the parent company of the Metal Gear series. As such, it has been acknowledged as part of the established continuity, though certain aspects of the game have been widely criticised by fans.

What is Different About Metal Gear Survive?

Metal Gear Survive differs from the traditional format of the other Metal Gear games in a number of ways. For starters, the game is based around cooperative play, meaning that you can team up with friends to take on missions. This also significantly changes the tone and feel of the game, which is something that many fans have taken issue with. Additionally, the game has been criticised for being too focused on micro-transactions, which can be seen as out of character for the series.


Overall, it is clear that Metal Gear Survive is indeed part of the official Metal Gear canon. While the game may differ from the usual format of the series and is not as highly regarded as its predecessors, it still holds an integral place in the series timeline. So, fans can rest assured that they are still playing a canon entry in the beloved Metal Gear series.