is vibration bad for babies


Is Vibration Harmful For Babies?

Vibration therapy is a growing trend in the medical and wellness industry. But is it safe to use vibration devices around babies?

Vibration therapy is known to benefit people suffering from different medical or physical ailments, such as pain and inflammation. However, not much is known about how it affects developing babies.

Benefits Of Vibration Therapy In Infants

Vibration therapy can have certain beneficial effects in infants. While there is limited research, some studies suggest that vibration therapy may improve strength and coordination in infants. This might help them develop better motor skills, posture and balance. Another study showed that vibration therapy reduces sound-induced stress responses in newborn babies, which could potentially be helpful in soothing agitated infants.

Risks Of Vibration Devices For Babies

Unfortunately, research on the safety of vibration therapy on babies is still limited. So, caution is advised when using vibration devices on babies.

Here is a list of possible risks:

  • Physical injury: Vibration therapy that is too strong may cause physical injuries to a baby’s body.
  • Vestibular damage: Infants may be at risk of suffering from inner ear damage due to the vibration. This could lead to loss of balance and dizziness.
  • Breathing problems: Overstimulation of a baby’s chest due to vibration can lead to respiratory problems.


Vibration therapy may be beneficial or even necessary for some medical conditions. However, there is not enough research yet to conclude if it is safe for babies or not.

Parents should consult their doctor if they are interested in trying vibration therapy for their infant. They should also be sure to use vibration devices that are specifically designed for children and follow the recommended usage guidelines to avoid any risks.