is zac the father of heather’s baby


Is Zac the Father of Heather’s Baby?

Heather is an expectant mother who is expecting a baby any day now. The big question on everyone’s mind is whether Zac is the father of Heather’s baby.

Evidence of Paternity

While the paternity of the baby is yet to be confirmed, there is mounting evidence that suggests that Zac is indeed the father:

    • Timing fits: Zac and Heather hooked up around the time Heather became pregnant, suggesting the baby is Zac’s.


    • Genetic testing: A paternity test can be done to determine paternity with a high degree of accuracy.


    • Heather’s declarations: Heather has suggested that Zac is the father, though she has not made a definitive statement.

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Advantages Of Paternity

If Zac is indeed the father, he and Heather will both have certain advantages. For instance, Heather will be able to count on Zac for financial and emotional support, while Zac will have the privilege of bonding with and raising his child.


At the end of the day, the paternity of the baby is still up in the air. There is evidence that suggests Zac is the father, but neither Zac nor Heather have made any definitive statement. Only time will tell who the father of Heather’s baby really is.