Keep Water Out of Baby’s Ears During Bath: Here’s How


Keep Water Out of Baby’s Ears During Bath: Here’s How

Bath time can be a fun and enjoyable experience for both parents and babies. But it’s important to remember that water and baby’s ears don’t mix. Here are some simple tips to help keep water out of baby’s ears during bath time.

1. Use a Soft Towel

When bathing your baby, use a soft towel to cover their ears. This will help keep water out of the ear canal and prevent any potential ear infections.

2. Don’t Submerge Baby’s Head

When bathing your baby, make sure not to submerge their head in the water. This could cause water to enter the ear canal and lead to an infection. Instead, use a cup or a bowl to gently pour water over the baby’s head.

3. Dry Baby’s Ears After Bath

Once bath time is over, make sure to dry your baby’s ears thoroughly. Use a soft towel or a cotton swab to gently dry the ear canal. This will help keep any water from lingering in the ear and causing an infection.

4. Use Ear Drops

If you’re worried about water entering your baby’s ear canal, you can use ear drops. These drops can help keep the ear canal dry and prevent any bacteria from entering.

5. Visit the Doctor

If your baby experiences any pain or discomfort in their ears after bath time, it’s important to visit the doctor. They can diagnose any potential ear infections and provide the necessary treatment.

Keeping water out of baby’s ears during bath time is an important part of keeping them healthy and happy. By following the tips above, you can help ensure your baby’s ears stay safe and dry.