Master the Art of the Don’t Say Baby Game with These Winning Tips!


The “Don’t Say Baby” game is a beloved tradition at baby showers. Guests are challenged to avoid saying the word “baby” throughout the event, with the goal of being the last person standing.

While many people may overlook the importance of mastering this seemingly silly game, it can actually be a great way to connect with other guests, build camaraderie, and even win some prizes. In this article, we’ll share some winning tips to help you become the ultimate “Don’t Say Baby” champion.

Tip 1: Establish clear rules and consequences

One of the most crucial aspects of the “Don’t Say Baby” game is setting up clear rules and consequences. Without this foundation, the game can quickly become confusing or arbitrary, leading to frustration among players.

Make sure everyone understands the basic rules of the game – in this case, that saying the word “baby” means you’re out. It’s also helpful to establish specific consequences for breaking the rules, such as wearing a special hat or badge, having to recite a nursery rhyme, or being assigned a temporary “time out” location.

Consistency is key when it comes to enforcing the rules and consequences. Make sure everyone knows that these are non-negotiable, and be prepared to call out players who slip up.

Tip 2: Use creative ways to remind players not to say “baby”

One potential pitfall of the “Don’t Say Baby” game is that players may accidentally slip up without realizing it. To prevent this from happening too often, try to inject some creativity into the game.

Instead of simply reminding players not to say “baby,” come up with alternative words or phrases to use instead – such as “little one,” “bundle of joy,” or “new arrival.” You can also use physical cues, such as holding up a small toy or picture each time someone is caught saying the forbidden word.

Keeping the reminders light-hearted and fun will not only reduce tension among players, but can also make the game more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Tip 3: Encourage teamwork and communication

While the “Don’t Say Baby” game is technically a competition, it can also be a great way to foster community among guests at a baby shower.

Encourage players to work together in teams, rather than just trying to outlast each other individually. You can also plan some team-building activities, such as a relay race or a scavenger hunt, to help players connect with each other and strengthen their communication skills.

Creating a supportive and cooperative environment is key to making the “Don’t Say Baby” game a success.

Tip 4: Plan ahead for distractions or challenges

As with any game, there may be unexpected distractions or challenges that arise during the “Don’t Say Baby” game. To prevent these from derailing the experience, it’s important to anticipate potential issues and plan for them ahead of time.

For example, if you know that there will be a lot of background noise or other distractions, consider using a visual cue to signal when someone has said “baby.” Alternatively, you may want to assign a “game master” to keep track of the players and enforce the rules.

Remaining flexible and adaptable is also key to success. If a challenge arises that you didn’t anticipate, try to come up with creative solutions on the fly.

Tip 5: Practice makes perfect

Like any game, practice can help you sharpen your skills and strategies for the “Don’t Say Baby” game. Consider practicing with friends or family members before the baby shower, or even hosting a small practice game at home.

During your practice sessions, try out different approaches and techniques to see what works best for you. Do you respond well to physical cues or alternative words, for example? Do you find it more helpful to work in a team or alone?

By practicing ahead of time, you’ll increase your confidence and chances of winning when the real game begins.


Whether you’re a seasoned “Don’t Say Baby” player or a first-timer, these tips can help you master the game and increase your chances of winning. By establishing clear rules and consequences, using creative reminders, encouraging teamwork, planning ahead for challenges, and practicing ahead of time, you’ll be well-equipped to handle whatever comes your way at the baby shower. Now get out there and show the world (or at least the other guests) what you’re made of!