may from guilty gear


May from Guilty Gear: A Rising Star

May, also known as May-Alice Queens, is a character from the Guilty Gear video game series. She debuted in the fourth installment of the series and has since become a fan favorite throughout the series.


May is the artificially created daughter of Zappa, an artifical being created by the Gear Project. She initially debuted as a minor character in Guilty Gear XX #Reload (#Reload), but gained more prominence after joining the cast of Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-.

May was created to be Zappa’s bodyguard, but with the machinations of Dr. Paradigm, she soon gained sentience. After being separated from her father, she embarked on a journey to find him and ended up joining the team of heroes.


May is a cheerful and enthusiastic young girl with an unquenchable curiosity. While she can come across as naive and immature, she displays a strong sense of loyalty and justice. She can also be very brave in the face of danger, as evidenced by her saving her father’s life multiple times.


May has a variety of abilities, which she can use to her advantage in battle. Some of her most noteworthy abilities include:

  • Levitation: May can levitate, allowing her to fly and gain the high ground in battle.
  • Gather Gear: This enables May to summon a variety of weapons to use in battle.
  • Aura Read: May can sense and read the aura of her opponents to gain insight into their feelings and motivations.


As the series has progressed, May has become an increasingly important and popular character. Her enthusiastic personality and unique abilities have earned her a place in the hearts of fans. We can only hope that she continues to shine brightly in future installments of the series.