may hat guilty gear


May Hat Guilty Gear

In the world of fighting games, few stand out as much as Guilty Gear. Developed by Arc System Works, Guilty Gear is best known for its stylish visuals and unique mechanics. One of the series’ most iconic characters is the spunky, yet shy May Hat.


May is a Japanese “punk-rock girl” with a penchant for fighting. She wears a plaid skirt with a buckled belt, a black T-shirt with a skull and crossbones logo, a red beret and a necklace with a skull charm. May also carries a large leather-bound book, which she uses for her psychic powers.


May’s primary weapon is her magical book, which she can use to manifest powerful psychic abilities. Her most iconic moves include her book-slapping combo and her mesmerizing Orbit Fireballs. She can also conjure lightning bolts and send shockwaves through the ground.


May is a shy and timid person at first glance, but she can be quite outgoing and outspoken when it comes to fighting. She has a strong sense of justice, believing that those who fight for the right reasons should be treated fairly.

Final Thoughts

May Hat is one of the most memorable characters in the Guilty Gear franchise. Her unique set of powers and her quirky personality make her an instant fan-favorite. Whether you’re playing as her or playing against her, you’re guaranteed an exciting and intense match.

Notable Features

  • Unique punk-rock style
  • Mystical book for her psychic powers
  • Book-slapping combo and mesmerizing Orbit Fireballs
  • Strong sense of justice