Meet the Newest Addition to the Sistas Family: Zac, Karen’s Baby Daddy!


Exciting news from the Sistas family! Karen, one of the members of the group, has welcomed a new addition to her family – a bouncing baby boy! Join us in welcoming Zac, Karen’s Baby Daddy, to the family.

Who is Zac?

Zac is a talented and hardworking man who has been with Karen for a while. Their journey started when they met at work and quickly became friends. Over time, their friendship blossomed into romance, and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

As parents, Karen and Zac are dedicated to providing the best life possible for their little one. They work together to create a loving and nurturing environment where their baby can thrive.

The Joy of Parenthood

As a new mom, Karen has experienced the joys and challenges of parenthood firsthand. She has become an expert at juggling her responsibilities and taking care of her baby while still taking care of herself.

Zac has been her partner every step of the way, sharing the responsibilities of parenthood and supporting her through the ups and downs. Together, they are committed to being the best parents possible and creating a bright future for their son.

Being Part of the Sistas Family

Zac has been welcomed with open arms into the Sistas family. The other members have embraced him and shown him love and support from the moment they first met him.

He has formed a bond with the other members and has become an integral part of the group. They are thrilled to have him and Karen as part of their family and can’t wait to watch their little one grow and flourish.




We are so excited to welcome Zac, Karen’s Baby Daddy, to the Sistas family! We know that he and Karen will make wonderful parents and create a beautiful life for their son. We can’t wait to watch him grow and become part of our extended family. Congratulations, Karen and Zac!