Messy Meals: What Does Your Baby’s Bib Catch?


Feeding your baby can be a messy affair. But with the right bib, mealtime can be less stressful for both you and your little one. A bib can help catch spills, stains, and food residue, keeping your baby clean and their clothes protected.

Messy Meals and Your Baby’s Bib

The mess factor is a given when it comes to feeding your baby. From purees to finger foods, your little one is bound to get messy. A bib can help minimize the mess by catching bits of food and drips before they make it onto your baby’s clothes or the high chair.

Bibs come in a variety of designs and materials, from simple cloth bibs to silicone catch-all bibs. Some bibs have sleeves to provide extra coverage, while others have snap or velcro closures to keep them securely in place.

What Gets Caught in Your Baby’s Bib?

Food residue is the most obvious thing that gets caught in your baby’s bib. But bibs also catch spills and stains that might otherwise end up on your baby’s clothes or the floor. Drool and saliva can also be caught by a bib, which can be especially helpful during teething.

The Benefits of Using a Bib

Using a bib has several benefits for both you and your baby. By catching spills and stains, a bib can help keep your little one clean during mealtime. It also makes clean-up easier, as you can simply remove the bib and toss it in the wash. Additionally, using a bib can protect your baby’s clothes from stains and damage.


In conclusion, using a bib during your baby’s mealtime is an easy way to minimize the mess and keep your little one clean. With so many bib designs and materials to choose from, finding the right bib for your baby’s needs is simple. So go ahead and embrace the messiness of feeding your baby, knowing that their bib has got them covered!