must have running gear


Must-Have Running Gear for Every Runner

With so many running gear options available, what should you really have in your arsenal? Here are the essential items that every runner needs:


This one is a no-brainer, but make sure you get shoes that are comfortable and fit your running habits. If you’re a road runner, go for lightweight and well-cushioned shoes. If you prefer trail running, opt for shoes with more traction.


Pick clothes that are comfortable and breathable. Avoid anything that could chafe or constrict your movement. Also, if you plan to be out in the dark, make sure you wear reflective gear that’s visible to oncoming traffic.

Water Bottle

Stay hydrated and make sure to bring water with you on any long runs. Invest in a good quality water bottle that won’t leak in your bag.


A wristband is essential for carrying basic items such as keys, cash and IDs. Make sure to buy one with quick-drying material that wicks away moisture.

Safety Gear

If you’re running in remote places, or in areas with a lot of roads, make sure to invest in a headlight and extra reflective gear. This will help keep you visible to drivers and increase your safety.

Other Gear

  • Sunglasses: Protect your eyes from the sun and wind.
  • Hat: Keep your head warm, and protect it from the sun and rain.
  • GPS watch: Track your route and performance progress.
  • Heart rate monitor: Monitor your heart rate and progress.
  • Insoles: Extra cushioning for your feet.

With these items, you’ll be equipped with all the essentials for a successful and safe run.