Pacifier Problems? Try These Tips for Keeping It in Your Baby’s Mouth!


As a parent, you have probably experienced the frustration of trying to keep your baby’s pacifier in their mouth. Pacifiers are an important tool for soothing and calming babies, but they can be difficult to keep in place. Here are some tips to help keep that pacifier in your baby’s mouth.

Choose the right size and shape

Make sure to choose a pacifier that is the right size and shape for your baby’s mouth. Pacifiers come in different sizes and shapes, and it may take some trial and error to find the right one for your baby. Newborns may need a smaller, more round pacifier, while older babies may prefer a larger, more bulbous shape.

Keep pacifier clean

Babies are prone to infections and illnesses, so it’s important to keep their pacifier clean. Make sure to wash the pacifier with soap and water, and sanitize it regularly. Dirty pacifiers can cause infections, which can result in your baby rejecting the pacifier altogether.

Encourage sucking

Some babies may have a harder time keeping the pacifier in their mouth because they are not used to sucking on something. Encourage your baby to suck on the pacifier by gently placing it in their mouth and holding it in place until they start to suck.

Use a pacifier clip

If you find that your baby is constantly dropping their pacifier, try using a pacifier clip. A pacifier clip attaches to your baby’s clothing and keeps the pacifier from falling to the ground. This can be particularly helpful if you’re out and about and don’t want to constantly pick up the pacifier off the ground.

Try different brands

If you’ve tried all of these tips and your baby still can’t keep the pacifier in their mouth, try different brands. Some babies may prefer a certain brand or shape of pacifier over others. It may take some experimentation to find the right pacifier for your baby.


Pacifiers are an important tool for soothing and calming babies, but they can be difficult to keep in place. With these tips, parents can help their babies keep the pacifier in their mouth. Remember to choose the right size and shape, keep it clean, encourage sucking, use a pacifier clip, and try different brands. With a little patience and perseverance, you can help your baby find the pacifier that works best for them.