Say Goodbye to Hair in Your Baby’s Eyes with These Tips!


Keeping your baby’s eyes free from hair is important not only for hygiene but also for the baby’s physical and emotional well-being. Hair in a baby’s eyes can irritate and cause discomfort, leading to restless behavior and sleepless nights. In this article, we shall outline some tips that may come in handy in keeping hair away from your baby’s eyes.

Understanding the Causes of Hair in Babies’ Eyes

Babies usually have fine hair that can get easily caught in the breeze, causing it to fly in their eyes. Some babies may grow hair at a more rapid rate than others, which can make it more challenging to keep it away from their eyes. Babies tend to rub their eyes frequently, which can also cause hair to move from the scalp to the eyes.

Tips to Prevent Hair from Entering Babies’ Eyes

  • Keep the hair trimmed
  • Use a baby hairbrush or comb to style hair that is growing out
  • Use hair accessories such as headbands or hair ties
  • Cut bangs to a manageable length
  • Choose hairstyles that do not obscure the baby’s vision, including hair that’s clipped back or a ponytail

How to Remove Hair from a Baby’s Eyes

If the hair has already entered the baby’s eyes, it may pose a challenge. It is crucial to keep the baby calm and sit them upright. Gently use a clean finger to sweep the hair from the eye to the side of the baby’s face. Be careful not to use a tissue or other materials that may leave behind fiber residues in the baby’s eyes.


Keeping babies’ eyes free from hair is important for their comfort and development. Understanding the causes of hair in babies’ eyes and tips that can be used to prevent hair from entering their eyes can create a conducive and healthy environment for your baby. Lastly, in case hair does get into your baby’s eyes, follow the instructions provided to remove the hair gently, to prevent irritation and discomfort to your baby.