Say Goodbye to Losing: Tips to Win the Don’t Say Baby Game!


The Don’t Say Baby Game is a popular baby shower game that challenges guests to avoid saying the word “baby” during the event. Players are typically given a clothespin or ribbon to wear, and if caught saying the forbidden word, they must give up their pin to the person who caught them. The person with the most pins or ribbons at the end of the event wins a prize. Winning the Don’t Say Baby Game can take some strategy, but with a few tips, you can increase your chances of success.

Understanding the Don’t Say Baby Game

Before we dive into strategies to win, it’s important to understand the basics of the game. The most obvious rule is to avoid saying the word “baby” in any form – including “babies,” “babe,” or even “newborn.” However, game organizers may also specify other words that are off-limits, such as the name of the mother-to-be or common baby-related terms like “diaper” or “stroller.”

Strategies to Win the Don’t Say Baby Game

A. Use Pronouns Instead of Names

One way to skirt around the rule is to use pronouns instead of proper names. For example, if you’re referring to the mother-to-be, instead of saying “Sara,” you could say “she” or “her.” You could also use phrases like “the expecting mom” or “the guest of honor” as replacements for proper names.

B. Avoid Saying “Baby” in Any Form

This may seem like a no-brainer, but avoiding “baby” in any form is key to winning the game. Instead, try to use other descriptive words that accurately describe the situation. For example, instead of saying “the baby shower,” you could say “this celebration” or “the event.”

C. Create a Distraction or Diversion

If you feel like you’re about to slip up and say the forbidden word, don’t panic. Instead, try to create a distraction or diversion to take the focus off of you. You could tell a funny story, ask a question, or redirect the conversation in a subtle way. Just remember to do so smoothly, so it doesn’t come off as obvious or awkward.


The Don’t Say Baby Game can be a fun and challenging addition to any baby shower. Winning the game takes some strategy, but with these tips, you’ll be well on your way to victory. Remember to avoid saying “baby” in any form, use pronouns instead of proper names, and create a distraction if needed. Good luck, and happy playing!