Simple Tricks to Get Hair out of Your Baby’s Eye


As a new parent or caretaker, you may find yourself constantly worrying about your infant’s comfort and safety. One common dilemma is dealing with the hair that falls into their eyes. Not only is it an annoyance, but it can also cause discomfort and even pose a risk to their eyesight. Here are some simple tricks to help keep your baby’s hair out of their eyes.

Use of headbands

Headbands are a simple yet effective way to keep hair in place. Choose a soft and stretchy headband that fits snugly but not too tight around your baby’s head. It’s best to choose headbands made of soft and breathable materials such as cotton or nylon. Avoid hard headbands that can cause discomfort or even leave marks on baby’s head. Not only do headbands keep hair out of the eyes, but they also add a cute accessory to your baby’s outfit.

Hair clips and bobby pins

Another option is to use hair clips or bobby pins that put hair back and away from the face. Choose clips made specifically for infants that are gentle on delicate baby hair. The easiest way to clip your baby’s hair is to divide the hair into sections and clip each section separately. Be gentle when putting in the clip to avoid any pulling or discomfort.

Baby-safe hair gel

For babies with thicker and heavier hair, try using a baby-safe hair gel to keep it in place. Choose a product that is non-toxic and made specifically for infants. Gently apply the gel with your fingers, starting at the roots and then working towards the ends. Be careful not to apply too much, as it can look greasy and cause irritation to sensitive skin.

Trimming baby’s hair

Trimming your baby’s hair may be daunting, but it’s an effective way to keep hair out of their eyes. You can do it at home by using baby scissors or going to a professional. Choose a time when your baby is relaxed and in a good mood. Start by cutting small sections at a time and work your way around the head, being careful not to nip their skin. Remember that it’s normal for baby hair to grow unevenly, so don’t worry about achieving a perfectly even cut.


Keeping your baby’s hair out of their eyes not only prevents discomfort, but also promotes healthy and safe eye development. Use a soft and stretchy headband, gentle hair clips or bobby pins, baby-safe hair gel, or trimming your baby’s hair to help manage this common problem. With these simple tricks, you can have peace of mind that your baby is comfortable and safe.