Simple Tricks to Remove Hair from Your Baby’s Eyes


As a parent, it is common to go through the frustrating phase of hair getting into your baby’s eyes. It can cause a lot of distress and irritation to your little one. However, several simple tricks can help you remove the hair from your baby’s eyes without causing any discomfort.

Reasons for hair getting into your baby’s eyes

One of the main reasons for hair getting into your baby’s eyes is its length. Babies usually have a lot of hair on their heads, making it hard to manage. Another reason could be if your baby rubs their eyes frequently, causing the hair to fall into their eyes.

Simple tricks to remove the hair from your baby’s eyes

Here are some simple yet effective tricks that you can try:

  1. Warm water washcloth method: Gently wipe your baby’s eyes with a warm washcloth. The heat can loosen the hair, and the cloth can pick it up.
  2. Using a baby comb or brush: Use a comb or brush with soft bristles to carefully sweep away the hair from your baby’s eyes.
  3. Petroleum jelly trick: Take a small amount of petroleum jelly and rub it between your fingers. Then apply it to your baby’s eyebrows to hold the hair back.
  4. Wetting the hair: You can dampen the hair with a little water to help it stick together and prevent it from falling into your baby’s eyes.

Precautions and additional tips

While trying the above tricks, ensure that you are gentle and don’t poke or scratch your baby’s eyes. It is imperative to maintain hygiene while performing these tricks. Additional tips include trimming your baby’s hair if it’s too long, and keeping your baby’s hands clean and away from their eyes.


Hair in your baby’s eyes can be a pesky problem, but there are several ways to tackle it without causing discomfort to your baby. By practicing good hygiene and patience, you can safely remove any hair from your baby’s eyes with ease.