Simple tricks to remove hair from your baby’s eyes


As a new parent, it can be concerning to see your baby struggle with hair in their eyes. While it may seem like a small problem, it’s important to address it properly to prevent any complications such as inflammation or infection. Here are some simple tricks you can use to remove hair from your baby’s eyes safely and effectively.

Importance of Removing Hair from Baby’s Eyes

Having hair in their eyes can be uncomfortable for babies as it can cause irritation, redness, and even pain. Additionally, it can obstruct their vision, making it harder for them to focus on objects and activities. It is crucial to remove hair from your baby’s eyes to avoid any inconvenience or harm.

Safety Precautions

While removing hair from your baby’s eyes, it is essential to be gentle and cautious to avoid any accidents or injuries. Avoid using sharp objects or pulling too hard on the hair as it may cause discomfort to your baby. Additionally, ensure that your baby is comfortable and not moving too much to prevent any unnecessary harm.

Common Methods to Remove Hair

Here are some effective methods that you can use to remove hair from your baby’s eyes:

  • Use of Clean Towel: Gently wipe the hair from the eye area with a clean towel or soft cloth. This technique works well for loose hairs that can be easily wiped away.
  • Baby Oil Method: Apply a small amount of baby oil around the hairline and the eye area. Use a clean cotton ball to gently wipe any hair strands away. The oil helps to loosen the hair, making it easier to remove.
  • Wet Q-tip Technique: Dip a clean Q-tip in warm water and gently use it to push the hair away from the eye area. Repeat the process until you remove all hair strands.

Alternative Methods for Stubborn Hairs

In some cases, the hair may be stubborn or hard to remove, and you may need to use alternative methods such as:

  • Use of Tweezers: Only use this method if the hair is visible and above the skin. Use a sterile pair of tweezers and gently grip the hair from the root and pull it away from the eye area.
  • Visiting a Pediatrician: If the hair is too close to the eye or too challenging to remove, it’s best to make an appointment with a pediatrician who can professionally remove it with the correct tools and techniques.

Tips to Prevent Hair from Getting into the Eyes

Here are some tips to prevent hair from getting into your baby’s eyes:

  • Regular Trimming and Grooming: Trim your baby’s hair regularly to prevent it from getting too long and falling into their eyes.
  • Use of Hair Accessories: Use hair accessories such as headbands or clips to hold back long hair and prevent it from getting into the eyes.
  • Keeping the Environment Clean: Ensure that your baby’s environment is clean and free from hair strands that may fall into their eyes.


Removing hair from your baby’s eyes can be simple and safe when done correctly. Remember to be gentle and always consider safety precautions to avoid any harm. If you encounter any challenges or concerns, don’t hesitate to seek medical assistance from a pediatrician.