Soothe Your Baby – Tips to Keep Their Pacifier in Place!



Pacifiers can be a lifesaver for parents, especially during those fussy or teething moments. They provide comfort and security to your little one, helping them soothe themselves to sleep or stay calm during stressful situations. However, sometimes pacifiers can be challenging to keep in place, which can cause frustration for both babies and parents alike.

Reasons why pacifiers fall out

Several reasons can cause a pacifier to fall out of a baby’s mouth. One of the most common reasons is an improper fit, meaning the pacifier is either too small or too large for the baby’s mouth. Another reason could be the way the pacifier is used, such as when a baby tries to suck too hard, causing the pacifier to pop out.

Tips for keeping pacifiers in place

Fortunately, several tips can help you keep your baby’s pacifier in place:

Using a pacifier clip or tether: These handy tools prevent pacifiers from falling on the ground, making them easy to find when needed. Attach the clip to your baby’s clothing or bedding within reach, so they can grab the pacifier easily.

Choosing the right size and shape of pacifier for your baby: The size and shape of pacifiers make a significant difference in how well they stay in place. Choose a pacifier that’s specifically designed for your baby’s age range and size. If you’re not sure, consult a pediatrician or dentist.

Using pacifiers with ridged or textured nipples: These pacifiers tend to stay in place better, as they provide a better grip for your baby’s mouth.

Regularly checking pacifier fit and replacing worn pacifiers: Your baby may outgrow their pacifier or have a preference for a particular type. Inspect pacifiers regularly and replace ones that are worn or damaged to prevent them from falling out.


Pacifiers can be a valuable tool for parents, but their effectiveness relies on keeping them in place. By using the tips discussed above, you can help keep your baby’s pacifier from falling out and provide them with the comfort and security they need. Remember to regularly check pacifiers and replace them as needed to ensure your baby’s safety and keep them calm and happy.