Soothing Solutions: How to Keep Your Baby’s Pacifier in Place



When it comes to infant soothing, pacifiers are a go-to tool for parents. However, the problem of pacifiers falling out of babies’ mouths is all too common, causing distress for both the baby and the parents. In this article, we will explore why pacifiers fall out and provide solutions to keeping them in place.

Investigating the Problem

Before we dive into solutions, it’s important to understand why pacifiers tend to fall out of babies’ mouths. One reason is that infants don’t yet have the muscle control to keep the pacifier in place. Additionally, certain factors, such as a poor fit or incorrect insertion, can contribute to pacifiers falling out of a baby’s mouth. The consequences of poor pacifier placement can lead to infant agitation and poor sleep.

Tips for Keeping the Pacifier in Place

Proper pacifier selection is key for keeping the pacifier in place. Selecting the correct size and shape for your baby is crucial. Make sure to insert the pacifier correctly by gently pulling down on the baby’s chin while inserting the pacifier into their mouth. Monitoring the baby while they are using the pacifier can help you notice whether the pacifier has fallen out or not. Finally, consider using a pacifier clip to keep the pacifier from falling to the ground.

Alternative Soothing Devices

While pacifiers are often the go-to soothing device, there are other tools that parents can utilize. Consider introducing white noise machines or stuffed animals to help soothe your baby. Be sure to determine when an alternative soothing device may be necessary.


In conclusion, pacifiers are a valuable tool for soothing infants, but keeping them in place can become an issue. By understanding why pacifiers fall out of babies’ mouths and following the tips provided, parents can help ensure that their baby stays soothed and happy. And remember, if you are having problems with your baby’s pacifier, don’t hesitate to seek help from your pediatrician.