The Amazing Purpose of a Baby’s Bib: What Does It Catch?



The Amazing Purpose of a Baby’s Bib: What Does It Catch?

Babies are cute and cuddly, but they can also be messy! That’s why parents around the world have been using bibs to protect their little one’s clothes from drool, spit-up, and other messes since the dawn of time. But what exactly does a baby’s bib catch?

1. Drool and Spit-up

Babies can produce a lot of drool and spit-up, and it can quickly soak through their clothes. That’s why bibs are designed to be absorbent and catch all the liquid before it can get to their clothes.

2. Food

As babies start to feed themselves, they often make a mess while they’re learning. Bibs are great for catching food particles and keeping them off of their clothes.

3. Drinks

Babies are also prone to spilling their drinks, and bibs can help catch the liquid before it soaks into their outfit.

4. Messy Hands

Babies have a tendency to get their hands dirty, and bibs can help keep their clothes clean.

5. Other Messes

Bibs are also great for catching other messes, like paint, glue, and other craft materials.


Bibs can be an invaluable tool for parents, helping to keep their baby’s clothes clean and mess-free. Whether it’s drool, spit-up, food, drinks, messy hands, or other messes, a baby’s bib can help catch it all!