The Proper Way to Hold Baby’s Legs During Diaper Changes


As a new parent, you may feel overwhelmed with the thought of changing diapers. However, diaper changing is a routine task that can be done with ease once you know how to do it properly. One of the key elements in changing diapers is holding your baby’s legs correctly. In this article, we will guide you through the proper way to hold your baby’s legs during diaper changes.

Importance of Proper Leg Holding During Diaper Changes

Proper leg holding during diaper changes is necessary for your baby’s safety and comfort. Holding your baby’s legs incorrectly can result in discomfort and even injury. It can cause your baby’s legs to flail around, making it challenging to clean effectively, and put the baby at risk of falling off the changing surface.

Common Mistakes Parents Make While Changing Diapers

There are some common mistakes that parents make while changing diapers, such as not holding the baby’s legs correctly, not cleaning the diaper area properly, or not changing the diaper frequently enough. These mistakes can lead to diaper rash, skin irritation, and infections.

Benefits of Proper Leg Holding Technique

Using the correct leg holding technique ensures that your baby’s legs are stable and secure while changing diapers. This way, your baby won’t flail or kick during the process, making it safer for both you and your baby. Moreover, it allows you to clean your baby’s diaper area properly, reducing the risk of skin irritation and infections.

Steps for Proper Leg Holding

Follow these steps to hold your baby’s legs correctly during diaper changes:

A. Preparation

  1. Gather supplies: diapers, wipes, diaper cream or powder, and a clean change of clothes.
  2. Choose a comfortable location such as a changing table, the floor, or a bed.

B. Clothing Adjustment

  1. Undo snaps or buttons on the baby’s clothing.
  2. Move the clothing away from the diaper area to prevent soiling.

C. Placing Baby

  1. Lay the baby on the changing surface, facing up.
  2. With your non-dominant hand, support the baby’s head and upper body, keeping the arm out of the way.

D. Leg-Holding Technique

  1. Lift both legs at the ankles with one hand, making sure to keep them close to the baby’s body.
  2. Hold the legs with one hand while maintaining a gentle grip.
  3. Position the knees slightly bent toward the baby’s chest, so the baby feels comfortable.
  4. Keep the baby’s legs close together to prevent soiling or accidental injuries.

E. Final Touches

  1. Clean the diaper area thoroughly with wipes or lukewarm water and pat dry with a towel.
  2. If necessary, apply diaper cream or powder to prevent diaper rash.
  3. Place a new diaper under the baby’s bottom, bringing the front up between the baby’s legs.
  4. Fasten the diaper tabs securely, ensuring that it fits snuggly but not too tight.
  5. Put the clothing back over the diaper, and dress your baby in a clean outfit if needed.


Proper leg holding technique is essential during diaper changes to ensure your baby’s safety, comfort, and hygiene. Follow these steps for successful diaper changes that will help you build a healthy and happy bond with your baby.