The Surprising Things Baby Bibs Catch – You Won’t Believe #3!


Baby bibs are a staple in any parent’s baby gear collection. They serve the important purpose of protecting a baby’s clothing from food and drool stains. However, what many parents don’t realize is that baby bibs can catch some pretty surprising things! Here are the top 3 things you won’t believe baby bibs can catch:

A. Food

It’s no secret that baby bibs are great for catching messy foods like spaghetti sauce or mashed peas. However, did you know that bibs can also catch unexpected foods like popcorn or grapes? When babies are just learning to eat, they often miss their mouth, causing food to land everywhere but in their stomachs. A bib can catch these rogue food particles and keep them off of your baby’s clothing.

B. Drool

Babies drool a lot. Like, A LOT. And even though it’s a natural part of the teething process, it can be pretty inconvenient for parents trying to keep their baby’s clothes dry. That’s where baby bibs come in! They can catch all that drool and prevent outfit changes every five minutes. Plus, some bibs even have a waterproof layer to keep drool from soaking through.

C. Art Supplies

Okay, this one might be the most surprising of them all. Have you ever needed a smock for your little one during an art activity but didn’t have one handy? Look no further than your baby’s bib! Bibs can be used as a makeshift smock, catching all sorts of art supplies like paint or glitter. Plus, when the activity is over, the bib can easily be thrown in the wash.

Overall, baby bibs may seem like a small item in the grand scheme of things, but they are an essential tool for parents. They not only keep babies clean and dry but can also catch some surprising things along the way. What’s the most surprising thing your baby’s bib has caught? Share in the comments below!