The Surprising Things Caught by a Baby’s Bib – You Won’t Believe It!


As any parent knows, babies are messy creatures. From spit-up to drool, to diaper leaks and messy mealtimes, it can seem like there’s no end to the mess. That’s where a trusty baby bib comes in handy. Not only do bibs protect your little one’s clothing, but they also catch all sorts of surprising things. Read on to discover some of the most unexpected, gross, and amusing things caught by a baby’s bib.

The Unexpected

You might expect a bib to catch dribbled milk or pureed peas, but you may be surprised by some of the other items caught by a bib. Small household objects like loose threads, hair clips, or jewelry can end up in a baby’s mouth and be caught by the bib. Outdoor debris like twigs, leaves, or grass can also make their way onto a bib. You never know what your little one will pick up, and the bib can help keep things out of their mouth.

The Gross

If you’re a parent, you know that babies produce some pretty gross things. However, you may not realize just how much a bib can catch. Snotty noses and drooly chins will quickly saturate a bib, and any diaper leaks will also end up on the bib. While it may not be pleasant to think about, it’s better to have the mess contained on the bib than on your baby’s clothes or skin.

The Amusing

Finally, not everything caught by a bib is gross or unexpected. Sometimes a bib can catch amusing items like toys or trinkets that your little one has grabbed. It’s also not uncommon for a parent to accidentally drop food on the bib themselves, leading to some comical moments.


While baby bibs may seem like a mundane baby item, they actually serve an important purpose. Not only do they protect your baby’s clothing, but they can also catch all sorts of unexpected, gross, and amusing things. Next time you’re doing laundry and cleaning yet another stained bib, try to appreciate all the things it’s saved your little one from ingesting.