The Surprising Things That End Up on a Baby’s Bib


Bibs are a must-have for any baby. Not only do they protect your baby’s clothes from spills and stains, but they also help prevent rashes and irritation.

Surprising things found on baby’s bibs

While the purpose of bibs is to keep your baby clean and dry, parents are often surprised by the various things found on their baby’s bibs. Here are some of the surprising things that end up on your baby’s bib:

Food Items

Food is the most common culprit of stains on a baby’s bib. Here are some foods that frequently end up on your baby’s bib:

Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables offer many nutritional benefits, but they also tend to create stains on bibs. From mashed bananas to pureed peas, these foods can easily stain your baby’s bib.

Weird Combinations

Babies are known to experiment with strange food combinations, which often lead to surprising results on bibs. Some of these combinations include mixing mashed potatoes with berries or putting a carrot and apple puree together.


Snacks such as crackers, cheese puffs, and chocolate can also find their way onto a baby’s bib. Parents often feel these snacks are easy and low-maintenance to give their baby, but they can leave a mess behind.

Non-food Items

Although food items are the most common stains found on a bib, non-food items can also make their way onto a bib. Here are some of the non-food items you might find on your baby’s bib:

Makeup and foreign substances

Makeup and other foreign substances can make their way onto a baby’s bib. This can happen when a parent holds their baby with makeup or sunscreen on their hands, and the baby comes into contact with the bib.

Drool and spit-up

One of the most common non-food items found on a bib is drool and spit-up. This can happen when your baby is teething, or during feeding or after a burp, which causes some of the food or milk spilling out of their mouth.


There are several other things that can end up on your baby’s bib, such as sand, dirt, or paint. These can happen when your baby is playing and exploring its surroundings.

Prevention and Cleaning

Preventing stains on your baby’s bib is essential, but you also want a bib that is easy to clean. Here are some tips to help you keep your baby’s bib clean:

Proper bib use

Make sure to use a bib that is appropriate for the food your baby is eating. For example, a silicone bib would be best for messy foods like spaghetti, as they can be easily washed off, and stains won’t soak through the bib.

Cleaning tips

Clean your baby’s bibs as soon as possible. Rinse the bibs in cold water to remove excess food or liquid, and use a gentle detergent to wash it. Allow your bibs to air dry rather than using a dryer, as the heat can set stains in the fabric.


Bibs are essential for a clean and happy baby, and it is surprising what finds its way onto a bib. Proper bib use and cleaning will help ensure that your baby’s bib remains clean and usable for a long time to come.