Toast Baby 101: The Ultimate Guide to Win in Who’s Your Daddy.


Who’s Your Daddy is a popular multiplayer game that allows players to take on the role of a baby or a daddy. The game has gained attention for its unique gameplay and challenging strategies. In this article, we will focus on the baby’s perspective and offer tips to win as the baby in creative ways.

Baby gameplay and objectives

As a baby, your primary goal is to find ways to hurt yourself so that the daddy is forced to react and save you. It can be achieved by drinking bleach, falling into the pool, running into a wall and messing around with the power sockets.

The ultimate objective is to stay alive and prevent the daddy from completing his chores before the time runs out. You must use all your creativity and cunning to achieve your goals.

Tips for playing as the baby

  • Be inventive- think outside the box and find new ways to hurt yourself.
  • Try to move around as much as possible, keep the daddy chasing you.
  • Keep an eye on the time and make sure the daddy doesn’t complete his chores.
  • Interact with the objects in the environment, hide them or throw them away.

Tips for playing as the daddy

  • Be vigilant- watch your baby closely, and be ready to react when they cause harm to themselves.
  • Use baby proofing items such as outlet covers, staircase gates, and cabinet locks to minimize harm to the baby.
  • Prevent the baby from hiding objects, as it can result in losing valuable time.
  • Try to stay close to the baby at all times to prevent them from getting into trouble.

Advanced strategies for winning as the baby

  • Lock yourself in the bathroom or a closet, forcing daddy to come and rescue you in a confined space where he needs to change his perspective and can’t find you easily.
  • If daddy is too focused on a chore, find a distraction to lure him away and then cause harm to yourself.
  • Conceal yourself in a place daddy cannot access, tricking him into thinking you survived the round when time runs out.

Advanced strategies for winning as the daddy

  • Monitor the baby’s actions carefully, noting their preferred pathways and hiding places.
  • Use the sound effects, as they can help you identify a baby’s location.
  • Close off rooms, as it limits the baby’s mobility and forces them to come to you.
  • Take the baby’s favorite toys away if they are using them to distract or conceal themselves.


Who’s Your Daddy is a game that requires careful observation, quick reactions and innovative problem solving. We hope this guide has provided you with helpful tips and strategies to enhance your gameplay.

Whether you play as the baby or the daddy, the game is filled with unique challenges and an exciting competitive atmosphere. With these tips, you’re now ready to take on the game and compete to be the ultimate toast baby champion.