Toast Baby: The Ultimate Guide to Winning in Who’s Your Daddy!


If you’re a fan of video game absurdity, you’ve probably heard of Who’s Your Daddy! The game puts you in the shoes of a bumbling Dad, tasked with preventing his curious Baby from harming itself in a variety of ways. The catch? The Baby is hell-bent on causing chaos, and you only have five minutes to prevent it from happening. It’s a silly, frantic game that’s both fun and challenging to play.

Understanding the Game Mechanics

Before we dive into winning strategies, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game. As mentioned earlier, it’s played in a five-minute time limit, with the Baby winning by causing enough mayhem to get its death count to ten. The Daddy, on the other hand, wins by preventing any accidents from happening.

Playing as the Baby means having free reign to explore the house and cause mishaps. The Baby starts with a limited amount of potential items to use, but they can find others scattered throughout the house. However, it’s worth noting that some items can be dangerous to the Baby, so use them with caution.

Playing as the Daddy means attempting to complete a to-do list while keeping an eye on the Baby’s whereabouts. The Daddy has access to tools, such as outlets plugs and cabinets locks, to childproof and prevent Baby’s shenanigans.

Strategies for Winning as the Baby

While it may seem easier to play as the Baby, winning can still be challenging. Here are some tips for maximizing your Baby’s potential to cause mayhem:

  • Hiding and Escaping: Being unseen is a powerful tactic. Keep the Daddy guessing by hiding in unlikely places, such as under the bed or behind curtains. Alternatively, using your crawling speed to escape and roam freely could also work.
  • Finding Items: Like mentioned before, not all items are created equal. Tools like cleaning products or lighters that can lead to accidents are risky to use. Look for other items such as pills, batteries or even a cartoon TV remote that can be safe yet cause chaos.
  • Manipulating Objects: Sometimes rearranging items in the house can be enough to cause accidents. For example, putting a glass on the edge of the table, flipping the painting on the wall or knocking an ashtray off.
  • Sabotaging the Daddy’s Tasks: By acting like a needy, crying baby, you can attract the Daddy’s attention and interrupt him from doing his tasks. Crawling on the keyboard or laying on the mouse can also disrupt him from completing his objectives.

Strategies for Winning as the Daddy

Playing as the Daddy may seem less exciting, but there is a lot you can do to prevent Baby from doing damage:

  • Completing Tasks: The Daddy has a list of tasks to finish before the five-minute time limit is up, so prioritize them based on urgency. Some tasks like putting away sharp objects, locking cabinets or unclogging a drain can be accomplished quickly and have a significant impact on preventing accidents.
  • Finding the Baby: Keeping track of the Baby’s whereabouts is critical. Turning off appliances or checking inside bathtubs, washing machines or ovens can be an effective way of locating Baby.
  • Preventing Accidents: Using tools like outlet plugs, cushions or safety gates in the house could prevent accidents altogether. Keep an eye on any changes occurring in the house.

Tips and Tricks

No matter if you’re playing as the Baby or Daddy, these tips and tricks can give you an advantage:

  • Keyboard Hotkeys: The Daddy can use hotkeys, such as ‘T’ for placing a safety gate or ‘E’ for using Baby Monitor, to increase efficiency.
  • Customizing the Game: Changing the game’s graphics settings, volume and bindings in the options menu could improve performance and tailor the game to your preferences.
  • Teamwork and Communication: Playing with friends or random players can be a fun way to experience the game. Communicating via voice chat or text can also significantly improve gameplay, especially when playing as the Daddy.


Who’s Your Daddy! is a fast-paced, absurd game that requires quick reactions and strategy to win. By mastering the essential mechanics and following our winning strategies, you’ll be on your way to becoming the ultimate Toast Baby (or Daddy)!