Top Strategies for Winning as a Toast Baby in Who’s Your Daddy


Who’s Your Daddy is a highly-popular multiplayer game where one player plays as a father, while the other plays as a baby. The objective of the game is for the father to take care of the baby by preventing them from harming themselves, while the baby tries to find dangerous objects and essentially kill themselves. In this article, we’ll focus on strategies for winning as the Toast Baby.

The Basics

Before diving into the top strategies, let’s go over the basics. The controls for the Toast Baby are simple; just move around and jump. The map varies depending on the chosen level but typically includes a living room, bathroom, and kitchen. The objective of the baby is to find and consume household items that can harm them, such as bleach or batteries. The father’s job is to prevent this from happening, and keep the baby alive.

Top Strategies

Winning as a Toast Baby in Who’s Your Daddy can be challenging. However, with a few proven strategies, you can increase your chances of survival tremendously. Here are our top five strategies:

  • Avoiding dangerous objects: This may seem like an obvious strategy, but it’s vital to make sure to stay away from anything that can harm the baby.
  • Staying within reach of the father: When the father is in close proximity to the baby, it’s much harder for the baby to find dangerous objects.
  • Creating distractions: The Toast Baby has the ability to pick up and move various objects around the house. Use this to your advantage by moving objects away from you, creating distractions for the father.
  • Running and hiding: If you feel like the father is getting too close, it’s sometimes better to make a run for it and hide somewhere safe.
  • Finding the key and hiding it: Each map contains a set of keys that unlock locked drawers and cabinets. If the baby can locate the key and hide it, the father won’t be able to access dangerous objects.

How to Survive

Once you have the basics and top strategies down, it’s essential to keep the following survival tips in mind:

  • Stay calm: It’s easy to panic when you’re playing as the Toast Baby. Keep a level head and remember your strategies.
  • Keep moving: Standing still makes you an easy target. Continuously move around the map while keeping a lookout for dangerous objects.
  • Watch the father’s movements: Keep an eye on the father’s movements and sounds to know when he is getting too close.
  • Keep an eye on surroundings: Be mindful of your surroundings. Look for potential hiding spots or keys to unlock cabinets.


Winning as a Toast Baby in Who’s Your Daddy isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely possible with the right strategies and mindset. Remember to stay calm, keep moving, and execute your top strategies to the best of your ability. Give it a try and see how it goes!