Tragedy Strikes: Darlene’s Baby Goes Missing on Ozark


Tragedy Strikes: Darlene’s Baby Goes Missing on Ozark

The hit Netflix show Ozark has been known for its dramatic and intense storylines, and the latest episode was no exception. In the episode, Darlene’s baby goes missing and the entire family is thrown into a state of chaos.

The Story So Far

Ozark follows the Byrde family, who are forced to move to the Ozarks after a money laundering scheme goes wrong. Darlene is the matriarch of the family and is a fiercely protective mother. She has a young baby, whom she loves deeply and is always careful to keep safe.

The Tragedy

In the latest episode, tragedy strikes when Darlene’s baby goes missing. She had been taking a nap with the baby and when she awoke, the baby was gone. Darlene is immediately filled with panic and fear, not knowing what happened to her child. She and the rest of the family frantically search for the baby, but to no avail.

The Aftermath

The disappearance of Darlene’s baby has had a huge impact on the rest of the family. Darlene is overcome with grief and guilt, feeling that she should have done more to protect her child. The other members of the family are also deeply affected, and they all come together in a show of solidarity to try to find the missing baby.

What’s Next?

It is unclear what will happen next in Ozark, as the disappearance of Darlene’s baby is sure to have major consequences for the entire family. It is likely that the search for the baby will be a major plotline in the coming episodes, and viewers will have to tune in to find out what happens next.


The disappearance of Darlene’s baby on Ozark is sure to be an emotional and gripping storyline. It remains to be seen how the family will cope with the tragedy and if they will be able to find the missing baby. Tune in to the next episode to find out what happens!