was top gear cancelled


Was Top Gear Cancelled?

Top Gear is one of the world’s most popular motoring television shows, airing from 1977 to 2001 in the United Kingdom and since 2002 in the United States. The show has been responsible for launching the careers of a number of famed car enthusiasts, including current hosts James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson. However, the show has recently been subject to much scrutiny, leading to the question: Was Top Gear canceled?

The Series Chapter

The answer to this question is far more complicated than a simple yes or no. The show was actually canceled in 2001 after production was indefinitely suspended following a series of poor ratings. However, the BBC later re-approached the show and it returned in 2002 with a new team of presenters.

Jeremy Clarkson Chapter

The show was once again put in jeopardy in 2015. This time, however, it was not due to ratings, but rather due to the controversial behavior of its then-host Jeremy Clarkson. He was involved in a publicized incident with a producer that resulted in the BBC permanently cutting ties with him. As a result, the future of the show was uncertain.

Rebooted Series

Fortunately for fans of the show, the BBC decided to reboot Top Gear in 2016 with an all-new cast. This time around, it was hosted by Chris Evans and former Friends star Matt LeBlanc. While the rebooted show was well-received by viewers, it eventually covered its course and was canceled after its 22nd season.


So, was Top Gear canceled? The answer is yes, but it also had somewhat of a happy ending, as the show was rebooted and allowed to continue airing for another 16 seasons. The show may be no more, but it will certainly live on in the hearts of car enthusiasts everywhere.