what are baby lizards called



What are Baby Lizards Called?

Lizards have intrigued people for centuries and have amazed us with their unique and exotic characteristics. They come in a vast array of shapes, sizes and colors, varying from species to species. Whether it’s a frilled lizard, blue-tongued skink or a gecko, one question remains the same: What are baby lizards called?

Different Kinds of Baby Lizards

It’s helpful to know the type of lizard you have, as certain species have different names for their young. In general, baby lizards are referred to as:

    • Hatchlings: newly hatched babies usually no more than an inch in size


    • Lizardlets: small lizards that have started to grow


    • Juveniles: lizards that have grown a bit more and are continuing to mature


    • Subadults: lizards that have almost reached their adult size and form


You may also come across other phrases such as neonates and larvae, but these are not as commonly used.

Other Tips

When it comes to nurturing your little reptiles, the following tips can prove very helpful:

    • Keep babies in a separate enclosure – it can be a struggle for hatchlings to compete with bigger lizards


    • Make sure they have a warm basking spot and adequate hiding places


    • Ensure they have enough food such as insects or plants


    • Provide a larger enclosure as they get older and bigger


Keeping baby lizards can be a rewarding process which allows you to appreciate the wonders and mysteries of the natural world. In the end, the most important thing to remember is that baby lizards are also referred to as ‘hatchlings’, ‘lizardlets’, ‘juveniles’ and ‘subadults’.