what are baby turtles called


What Are Baby Turtles Called?

Have you ever wondered what baby turtles are called? If so, you’re in luck, because believe it or not, there is an official term for these tiny creatures. As it turns out, baby turtles are called “hatchlings” and they tend to have some unique features and behaviours that help set them apart from adult turtles.

What Do Baby Turtles Look Like?

Although it depends on the species, baby turtles usually have soft shells and adorable little faces. They often have more vibrant colours than adult turtles, and may also have more ornate patterns, markings, or even facial features like stripes or bumps.

How Do Hatchlings Behave?

Hatchlings tend to be more active than adult turtles, and they often swim or crawl about the environment. They may be more active during the day or night depending on the species, but generally hatchlings are very curious about their environment.

What’s Their Future?

Hatchlings are usually very vulnerable to predators, and many do not survive to adulthood. However, those that do make it to adulthood can often live for decades, with some species living up to 200 years old!

Tips for Helping Baby Turtles

If you come across any baby turtles, there are some things you can do to help them better survive the hazards of their environment:

  • Don’t disturb a turtle’s nest – the mother is the best protector they have!
  • Keep pets away – pets can be natural predators of baby turtles.
  • Discourage fishing or harvesting from a shell – this can reduce their survival rate.
  • Observe from a distance – it’s best not to try to touch or handle a baby turtle.

Knowing what baby turtles are called can help us better appreciate and protect these fascinating creatures. With a bit of knowledge and care, we can help ensure that future generations of turtles are around for years to come.