what are melanated babies



Melanated Babies

Melanated babies are babies with dark complexions, usually with ancestry from African, Middle Eastern, Latinx, Indigenous, or South Asian communities. They usually have a deep skin pigmentation that appears brown, red, yellow, or black.

What Causes Melanated Babies?

Melanated babies are the product of a combination of genetic markers inherited from both parents, which tend to be more commonly present in darker-skinned populations. The darker the complexion of a baby’s parents, the higher concentration of the naturally occurring pigment melanin they carry and this is usually passed on to the baby. This results in a greater concentration in their melanin, producing the appearance of a melanated baby.

Benefits of Melanated Babies

Melanated babies are given an abundance of natural protection from the sun. Darker skin offers a greater amount of protection from sunlight and other types of ultraviolet radiation. Melanated babies also benefit from having strong, natural moisture retention properties, which allows them to remain hydrated for extended periods without the need for additional sources.

Benefits for Parents of Melanated Babies

Parents of melanated babies benefit from the many advantages of raising their children with a deep complexion. These include:

    • Positive Representation – Being a parent of melanated baby gives families the strength and pride to embrace and celebrate their children’s beautiful, diverse skin color.


    • Resilience – Raising melanated babies instills an appreciation and understanding of the strength and resilience found in diverse cultures.


    • Support – Parents of melanated babies can find and access a variety of supportive resources, such as online blogs, support groups and events that cater to families of color.