what are the plus and minus on my gear shift


Reasons to Love and Hate Gear Shifting

Gear shifting is an important part of driving, whether you cruise in a manual or automatic transmission car. Here is a look at some of the pros and cons of gear shifting:


  • Greater Control Over Vehicle Movement – When driving a manual car, you have greater control over the speed of your vehicle. You can slow down more gradually, giving yourself more control over every turn and corner of the road.
  • Grater Fuel Efficiency – Shift gears properly and you can get better fuel efficiency. By shifting to a higher gear when accelerating and lower gear when decelerating, you can significantly save fuel.
  • Increased Fun Factor – As a driver, you will be able to enjoy a more cinematic driving experience by shifting gears.


  • More Hassle To Learn – Gear shifting requires a lot more time and effort to learn than driving an automatic.
  • More Difficult To Drive In Hills or On Slippery Roads – Gear shifting can be more challenging when driving in hilly terrain or slippery roads.
  • More Effort On Your Part – You have to be more involved with the driving experience when you shift gears. This can lead to fatigue if not managed correctly.

Overall, it all comes down to personal choice. If you are willing to learn how to shift gears and put in the effort, gear shifting can be a great experience. Just remember to take it slowly until you learn the basics.