what do babies wear under swaddle



What Do Babies Wear Under Swaddle?

Swaddling a baby can be an effective way to settle them and make them feel safe. But the question remains – what should baby be wearing underneath the swaddle?

Clothing Layering Tips

In most cases, you should:

    • Start with a bodysuit or onesie, which will keep the baby’s chest and lower parts warm. Make sure to fasten it up around their neck properly to ensure the warmth and comfort.


    • Add a jumper or vest. This will provide extra insulation and prevent the baby from feeling too hot.


    • Finish off with the swaddle. This will protect the clothing layers underneath, providing even further insulation and security.


What About In Summer?

If the temperature is warm, you should still dress your little one with the same layers but use lighter weight fabrics such as organic cotton and lighter weight clothing items. You may also want to swaddle your baby less tightly, allowing a little bit of air to pass through the fabric and regulate their temperature.


So, to summarise, when swaddling a baby we recommend layering clothing items with a bodysuit, jumper/vest and then finally the swaddle itself. In the hotter months of summer, lighter weight fabrics and clothing should be used and the swaddle should be less tightly fastened around the baby.