what do baby bluebirds look like


Baby Bluebirds: How they Look

Baby bluebirds, like other young birds, may differ from adults in a number of ways. Some of the distinguishing features of a baby bluebird are as follows:


Bluebirds are primarily colored a deep blue with an orange or rust colored breast. Baby bluebirds may be a lighter blue and brown with faint markings of their adult coloration.


Adult blue birds can be up to 7-9 inches in length. Baby birds will be smaller, typically about 4-5 inches.


Baby bluebirds will be more timid and have a more active, curious yet helpless behavior. Chirping loudly for food and attention, they will jump around the nest and cling to their parents for sustenance.

Distinguishing Markings

Baby bluebirds may either have a whiskered or plain face depending on the species. Some species will have speckles or spots on their underside while other species will not.


A baby bluebird’s best chance for survival is in the care of its mother. It will take approximately three weeks for the chicks to learn how to fly and find food on their own. It is best not to intervene in the care of the baby birds as their parents will provide the food and protection and are better equipped to ensure the survival of the chicks.

Baby bluebirds are an important part of ecosystems as they help control the insect population and disperse the seeds of many flowers and plants. With their attractive bright blue color and active behavior, they make charming additions to bird watching environments.