what do baby crows look like


What do baby crows look like?

Baby crows, or crow chicks, are small, black-feathered babies that look quite different from their adult counterparts. While they don’t have the glossy black feathers of their elders, they still look like black velvet. Here’s what you can expect to see when you encounter a baby crow:


  • Feathers: Baby crows have grayish-brown feathers that are soft to the touch, and have white tips for added contrast.
  • Eyes: Baby crow eyes are bright blue, the same color as adults’ eyes, only darker.
  • Beaks: Baby crows have short, stout beaks that are yellowish in color, similar to the beaks of adult crows.


Though small, baby crows have big personalities. When they’re hungry, they’ll call out to their parents in a harsh, harsh voice, which can make it sound like they’re yelling, “Feed me!”. They’ll also beg for food with their beaks opened wide.

At first, baby crows rely heavily on their parents for both food and protection. However, in time they’ll become more independent and learn to fend for themselves.


Baby crows go through three stages of growth before becoming fully-grown adults. In the first stage, they’re featherless and helpless, relying on their parents for warmth and nourishment.

In the second stage, they grow a downy gray coat and black feathers sprout along their backs. By the third stage, they’re almost adults, only smaller in size than their adult counterparts.


Baby crows are a sight to behold. With their soft gray feathers, bright blue eyes, and stout yellow beaks, they look like tiny versions of their adult counterparts. They’re also fiercely independent, relying on their parents for nourishment in the early stages, and eventually learning to forage for food and fend for themselves.