what do baby red eared slider turtles eat


What Do Baby Red Eared Slider Turtles Eat?

Baby red-eared slider turtles are aquatic turtles that are native to North America. They make awesome pets for many turtle lovers that want a pet that is both unique and long-living. What they eat for food is very important for their growth and health.

Feeding Baby Red Eared Sliders

Baby red-eared sliders need a balanced diet that includes protein, vegetables, and a variety of other food items. The following is a list of food that baby red-eared sliders enjoy:

  • Protein: Earthworms, bloodworms, mealworms, krill, brine shrimp, water fleas, and commercially available turtle food.
  • Vegetables: Dandelion leaves, romaine lettuce, kale, and other greens.
  • Fruits: Apples, bananas, strawberries, and grapes.

It’s important to provide your red-eared slider with a varied diet, as they enjoy and benefit from variety in their food selections.

How Often Should You Feed Red Eared Sliders?

Baby red-eared sliders should be fed once a day. It’s a good idea to establish a routine, so your turtle knows when to expect its food.

What to Avoid Feeding Red Eared Sliders

While red-eared sliders are quite hardy, there are certain foods that should be avoided. These include:

  • Fish: Avoid feeding your turtle any saltwater fish as they contain too much salt and fat. Freshwater aquarium fish can also contain parasites and other bacteria, so it is best to avoid these as well.
  • Meats: Red-eared sliders are not carnivores and should not be fed meat. Red-eared sliders do not eat insects either.


In summary, baby red-eared sliders should be fed a balanced diet that includes protein, vegetables, and fruits. Foods to avoid include fish, meats, and insects. The sliders should be fed once a day at approximately the same time each day. Following these feeding principles will keep your red-eared slider healthy and happy for a long time.