what do you call a baby snake


What Do You Call a Baby Snake?

Baby snakes go by many different names. Although most people refer to them as snakelings, they are also known as neonates, hatchlings, or ultrapulsive larvae. How you refer to them depends on the context in which you find them.


Most people refer to baby snakes as ‘neonates’, a morphological term used for newly-hatched animals. This term is quite appropriate, as it not only describes the life-stage of a newly-hatched snake, but also the size, as they are tiny and eyeless hatchlings.


This is the most commonly-used name for baby snakes, as it is a more colloquial and friendly term. It is more appropriate to use for those who are not experts in the field, while ‘neonates’ is the appropriate term to use when referring to baby snakes in scientific literature.


Another frequently used term for baby snakes is ‘hatchlings’. In terms of the life-stage, this is quite a fitting term, as many snakes lay eggs and the baby snakes hatch from the egg, like a chick.

Ultrapulsive Larvae

This is a more technical term, referring to a snake whose organs and other structures are still not fully formed. The term ‘ultrapulsive’ means ‘still growing’, and it is appropriate to use when referring to baby snakes that are not yet fully developed.


In summary, baby snakes can be referred to using any of the four terms above, depending on the context. Neonates and hatchlings are the two terms that are most commonly used, and the more technical term ultrapulsive larvae can also occasionally be used.