What Does a Baby’s Bib Catch? The Answer May Surprise You!


What Does a Baby’s Bib Catch? The Answer May Surprise You!

Having a baby can be a messy business, and one of the most important pieces of baby equipment is the bib. Most people understand that a bib is used to protect the baby’s clothing from getting soiled with food or drool, but what else does a baby’s bib catch? The answer may surprise you.

1. Spills

The most obvious use for a bib is to catch any spills from a baby’s food or drink. Babies are notoriously messy eaters, and a bib can save clothing from getting soaked with milk or pureed vegetables.

2. Drool

Babies drool a lot, and a bib can be a great way to keep their clothing dry and free of drool stains. It can also be used to wipe away any excess drool that may have gotten on the baby’s face.

3. Hair

Babies are prone to having loose hairs that can get stuck in their food or clothes. A bib can help to catch any stray hairs that may be floating around.

4. Crumbs

Babies are also notorious for dropping food on the floor. A bib can help to catch any crumbs that may have fallen from the baby’s mouth.

5. Germs

Babies are constantly putting their hands and other objects in their mouths, and a bib can help to catch any germs or bacteria that may be on the baby’s clothing.


A baby’s bib is an essential item for any parent. Not only does it help to keep the baby’s clothing clean, it can also help to catch spills, drool, hair, crumbs, and germs. The next time you’re out shopping for baby supplies, make sure to pick up a few bibs. You’ll be glad you did!