what does b mean on gear shift toyota corolla


What does the “B” on a Toyota Corolla Gear Shift Mean?

The Toyota Corolla is one of the most popular vehicles on the road today, and its transmission is known for being reliable and efficient. Engaging the gear shift of a Toyota Corolla is easy, as the majority of its transmissions feature only five positions of a gear shift: P, R, N, D, and B.

What Is the B Gear?

The “B” on a Toyota Corolla gear shift is the Gear “Overdrive”. This should only be engaged when you are cruising on the highway at a speed between 35-45 mph and you want to maximize your fuel efficiency. When the “B” gear is activated, the transmission will attempt to maintain lower RPMs, regardless if you press down on the accelerator or if your incline changing on the road. The “B” gear allows you to travel further with a single tank of gas.

When Should I Use the Overdrive Gear?

The “B” mode should be used for fuel-efficiency and cruising on the highways.

  • Do use the “B” mode when driving on flat ground, or on freeway roads over 35-45 mph.
  • Don’t use the “B” mode when you are starting up from a stop or accelerating rapidly.
  • Never use overdrive when driving on wet, icy, or sandy roads.

Overall, the “B” mode on a Toyota Corolla gear shift is an effective way to maximize fuel efficiency on the highways. If you are ever in doubt, it is best to keep the car in the “D” setting.