what does baby termites look like


What Do Baby Termites Look Like?

Termites are small, white or light-colored insects with wings and antennae. They are found everywhere around the world, living in both dry and wet climates. These social insects live in colonies, with the queen laying eggs that hatch into larvae, which then develop into adult termites. Baby termites, or nymphs, form the majority of their colonies and are responsible for helping to build and maintain the structures of their colonies. So, what do baby termites look like?

Physical Characteristics

Baby termites are similar in size to adult workers and about 2-3 mm in length. They look a bit like ants but are generally more transparent. Additionally, they have no eyes, which is one of the differences between nymphs and adults.


Nymphs are either white or light yellow in color, much like adult workers. They may have a slightly darker head or a very faint brownish tinge. They also have traces of yellow cuticles which protect them from dehydration.


Baby termites have a distinct morphology that makes them recognisable. They:

  • Have antennae
  • Have soft, delicate bodies which can be mistaken for wings
  • Are blind
  • Have smooth, almost circular heads
  • Have light yellow skin

Unlike adult workers, who are proactive and able to reproduce, baby termites are largely immobile and are unable to fly or start nests.


Baby termites are small, white or light-colored insects with no eyes, antennae, and transparent bodies. They are an important part of termite colonies, providing a foundation for the development and growth of the colony. Knowing what baby termites look like can be helpful in recognizing the presence of a termite infestation in your home.