what does baby want book


Understanding the Baby Want Book

The Baby Want Book is a powerful tool for parents to help their babies learn how to communicate their wants and needs. It has been used by thousands of parents and educators around the world, and it can be especially helpful for parents of autistic children.

What is the Baby WantBook?

The Baby Want Book is a visual communication book that helps babies learn to express their needs and desires. It was created by parenting coaches and educators, to be used as a way to bridge the gap between what a baby can express and what a parent can understand. The book is filled with colourful visual symbols that a baby can point to, helping them communicate what they want.

How Does It Work?

The Baby Want Book is user-friendly and designed for both parent and child. All a parent needs to do is open the book and help the child identify the symbols that match their needs. The symbols in the book can help a child communicate anything from physical needs like naps and food, to emotional needs like being hugged or needing help.

What Are the Benefits?

The Baby Want Book helps babies learn to self-regulate and express their needs. It enables children to communicate what they want, which allows parents to provide appropriate support. This not only helps build a stronger parent-child relationship, but helps reduce stress levels for both parent and child.

The Baby Want Book can also be particularly helpful for autistic children. The book helps provide visual clarification, helping autistic children better understand the expectations and needs of others.

Where Can I Get a Baby Want Book?

The Baby Want Book is sold online, and can be found at many specialty stores.


The Baby Want Book is an invaluable resource for parents and a powerful tool for helping babies communicate their needs. By providing appropriate support, it can help reduce stress levels and improve the parent-child relationship.