what does s mean on a car gear shift


What Does S Mean on a Car Gear Shift?

When driving a car, it’s important to know what the symbols on the gear shift mean so that you can optimum use the vehicle and drive safely. One of the most commonly seen symbols is “S”, which stands for Sport Mode and has various implications for your vehicle’s performance.

What Is Sport Mode?

In short, Sport Mode sets up the vehicle for an increase in performance, allowing higher engine speeds to be reached before you need to shift up. It also, depending on the car, alters the timing of the gear changes in order to increase speed and acceleration. It’s importance for petrol (gas) cars lies in the fact that it allows them to make better use of the available power, which will vary across cars.

When Should I Use Sport Mode?

Sport Mode should generally be used when you’re looking to accelerate quickly from a standstill, when overtaking, going up hills or joining a motorway. It should be avoided if you’re trying to conserve fuel, as it will cause your car to use fuel more quickly.

What Other Symbol Might be Seen on a Gear Shift?

The most common symbol seen on a gear shift is “P” which stands for Park. This locks the car to prevent it from rolling once it is stopped and is the only mode which allows the ignition to be turned off completely.

There may also be symbols such as “D” for Drive or “L” for Low. Drive allows the car to use the full range of available gears and offers the most efficient usage. Low restricts the car to lower gears, allowing quicker acceleration, but also much slower top speeds in order to avoid engine damage.

The Importance of Knowing What Your Gear Shift Symbols Mean

Recognizing and understanding what the symbols on the gear shift mean will dramatically increase your enjoyment of the car, as well as ensuring optimal fuel economy. Additionally, knowledge of the symbols will help enhance your driving performance, allowing you to better suit the car to the conditions you are driving in.

Knowing what the S stands for is the first step towards optimizing the performance of your car.