what does s mean on a gear shift


What Does “s” Mean on a Gear Shift?

Understanding what the letters and symbols represent on your car’s gear shift is essential for safe and successful driving! The letter “S” or “P” on a gear shift stand for specific speeds and transmission settings. Here’s what you need to know:

What Does S Mean?

The letter “S” stands for “Sport Mode.” When “S” is selected, the transmission shifts later and allows the engine to run up to a higher RPM. This can provide extra power during passing or merging. It’s also popular for racecar drivers who want more control over shifts in the engine’s power band.

When Do You Use S?

Using “S” is ideal if you are driving fast or on a winding road, as the extra power can be helpful in passing or accelerating. However, it also results in higher fuel consumption and higher engine wear and tear. If you don’t need extra power, using “S” is not recommended.

Advantages of Using Sport Mode

  • Increased Power: Sport mode provides extra power, allowing you to accelerate and pass more quickly.
  • More Control: You have more control over the transmission and how quickly the vehicle shifts.
  • Smoother Ride: Sport mode ensures smoother and more consistent gear changes, resulting in a more comfortable ride.

Disadvantages of Using Sport Mode

  • Reduced Fuel Economy: Sport mode can reduce fuel economy due to increased engine power demands.
  • Higher Engine Wear: Sport mode can cause more wear and tear on the engine, as it shifts gears more frequently.

To Sum up, the letter “S” on a gear shift stands for “Sport Mode.” It provides extra power and control but this comes with increased wear and tear on the engine and reduced fuel economy. It is recommended for driving fast or on a winding road, otherwise, using “S” is not necessary.