what does s mean on gear shift


What Does S Mean On Gear Shift

If you are driving a car, you may come across a letter S on your gear shift. But what does it mean?

S is for Sport Mode

The ‘S’ in your gear shift typically stands for Sport Mode. Sport Mode changes how your car drives by adjusting the gearbox’s shift points to higher RPMs. This translates to increased power output and quicker acceleration.

Significant Benefits of Sport Mode

When driving a car, there are a few key benefits to using Sport Mode. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Better Acceleration: Sport Mode increases acceleration significantly by driving higher RPMs.
  • Improved Handling: In Sport Mode, the car engages the full power of the engine to the wheels sooner. This translates to improved cornering ability.
  • Increased Control: The car is more predictable in Sport Mode when you are maneuvering around tight corners or into open turns.

When Should You Use Sport Mode?

Sport Mode should be used when you need the extra performance boost. It’s great for when passing other cars or exiting a highway. Sport Mode isn’t recommended for everyday driving, as it puts more strain on the engine and transmission.

It’s important to note that Sport Mode is different from manual shifting. In manual shifting, you change gears yourself. In Sport Mode, the gearbox automatically adjusts the shift points to higher RPMs which reduces the manual effort of shifting gears.


The ‘S’ on your gear shift is likely referring to Sport Mode. Sport Mode offers improved acceleration, better handling and increased control. It should only be used when you need an extra performance boost, such as passing a car or exiting a highway.