what does s stand for on gear shift


What Does S Stand For on Gear Shifts?

When you look at your car’s gear shift, you may see a markings like N, R, P, D, or S. If you’re new to driving, it’s likely that you may be unsure of what the “S” marking stands for. Luckily, the “S” in your car’s gear shift stands for “Sport”.

Understanding the Meaning of “S”

Gear shifts with the marking “S” were first introduced by automobile companies to offer drivers an enhanced driving experience. It’s likely that you may already have experienced the enhanced performance that the gear shift mode provides. Let’s explore some of the benefits of the “S” gear shift mode:

  • Enhanced Performance: When you move your gear shift to mode “S”, your car’s performance is improved, due to faster engine revs and smoother shift times at a higher RPM.
  • Limiting Gear Changes: With a heightened engine revving power and faster shifting time, drivers don’t need to continuously shift gears, resulting in reduced gear changes.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Using “S” on your gear shift mode decreases the amount of gear changes your car performs, resulting in a more fuel-efficient ride.


To sum up, the “S” on your car’s gear shift is the Sport mode. This gear shift mode provides drivers with improved performance, limiting of gear changes and even better fuel efficiency.

So, next time you’re on the road, consider shifting to “S” and reaping the benefits of this gear shift mode!