what does s stand for on gear shift


What Does S Stand For on Gear Shift?

The letter “S” printed on a car’s gear shift is an abbreviation for one of two settings: Sport or Shift. Knowing the purpose of each setting can help drivers get the most out of their cars.

Sport Setting

The Sport Setting (often abbreviated as S) can offer more performance from some vehicles. In this mode, engine redline and electronically-governed shift points can be moved higher, delivering a quicker shift and improved acceleration.

Shift Setting

The Shift Setting (abbreviated as S) tailor the transmission’s shifts to the driver’s preference. Drivers can choose from an aggressive shift schedule which downshifts earlier for quicker response and holds lower gears longer; or a softer setting which shifts later for improved fuel efficiency.

Benefits of the S Gear Shift Setting

  • Improved Acceleration: During heavy acceleration, the sport setting allows drivers to keep their cars in higher revs for improved performance.
  • Greater Control: By selecting the shift setting, drivers can choose a shift schedule that best matches their driving style and desired level of performance.
  • Improved Efficiency: Selecting the softer shift schedule will help improve fuel economy.

Knowing the purpose of the S setting and its advantages can help drivers get the most out of their vehicles. If you are unsure what the letter “S” stands for, it’s likely the shift setting. Consider giving it a try the next time you are in your car.