what does the b on the gear shift mean


What Does the “B” on the Gear Shift Mean?

The “B” on the gear shift is an indicator of the number of gears available to select, and the way in which the car is able to optimize its engine’s energy output. In cars with automatic transmissions, it stands for “brake,” and when used properly allows the car to drop into a lower gear when more power is needed.

The Basics:

  • The “B” is an indicatory of the number of gears available.
  • It stands for “brake” when dealing with automatic transmissions.
  • It is used to drop into a lower gear when more power is needed.

How Automatic Transmissions Work:

Automatic transmissions allow the driver to regulate the speed and the power output of the engine through the use of the gear shift. This can be done by moving the gear shift from one gear to another – such as from first to second gear. When the “B” is pressed, however, the transmission will automatically shift into a lower gear in order to deliver more power when needed.

Safety Tips:

Using the “B” to drop down into a lower gear should be used in extreme situations only. It is important to remember that using this feature frequently can put extra strain on the engine and transmission, causing premature wear and damage. Before using the “B” on the gear shift, consider other safer methods to regulate the speed and power output of your engine.


The “B” on the gear shift is a very useful feature that can help drivers maximize their engine output when needed. However, it is important to understand how and when to use it safely in order to prevent any unnecessary damage to the engine and transmission.