what does the f in weezy f baby stand for


What Does The F In Weezy F Baby Stand For?

Lil Wayne, known as Weezy F Baby, is one of the most successful and influential hip-hop artists of all-time. While most of us know him as Lil Wayne, the F in his name left many of us scratching our heads. So, what does Weezy F Baby stand for?

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne was born Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1982. His mother, a cook, gave him his nickname of “Weezy.” As an adolescent, Wayne made guest appearances on songs by Cash Money Records artists such as the B.G.’z, and the Hot Boys.

What Does The F Stand For?

Therefore, Lil Wayne gained the nickname “Weezy F Baby” and the “F” is rumored to stand for “fly.” According to an interview with Complex, Lil Wayne explained that the “F” was always on his shirts and the meaning was always “fly.”

In addition to “fly,” there are several other interpretations of the F. Another popular hypothesis is that the “F” actually stands for “female.” As a result of the letter F coming after Lil Wayne’s nickname, Weezy F Baby was created and has been with him ever since.


In summation, the F in Weezy F Baby stands for “fly.” The name was created in honor of the rapper as he was always wearing shirts with the letter “F” on them. While some people speculated that it could mean “female,” this is not the literal meaning and is simply a speculation.